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WWII German Picture Prints

Code: 50537

19.95 GBP

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German Medal Envelopes

4 x Medal Envelopes - All believed to be genuine

Code: 50531

14.95 GBP

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Collection of WWII German Postcards and Photos

Code: 50535

29.95 GBP

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German Arbeitsbuch Book nr 309/68273

Code: 50534

34.95 GBP

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6 x Original German Postcards

All good condition for age. All 140mm x 90mm

Code: 50533

39.95 GBP

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WW1 Mons Trio with QSA & KSA - Nicholls

Nice set of 5 medals mounted with new ribbons mounted on bar for wear.
Queens South Africa medal with bars for Cape Colony, Orange Free State and Transvaal. Ghost dates to rear and correctly named to 709 GNR. S. NICHOLLS. 5th E. D. R.G.A. Comes with also a rosette.
Kings South Africa Medal with bars for South Africa 1901 & 1902, correctly named to 709 GNR. S. NICHOLLS R.G.A.
1914 Star Trio. War and Victory medal correctly named to CMT-1729 A. SJT. S. NICHOLLS. A.S.C.
1914 Star named as above but to Private.

Code: 50532

399.99 GBP

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Pair of Original Royal Flying Corps Cloth Shoulder Titles

Both badges 120mm in diameter

Code: 50446

220.00 GBP

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Campaign Service Medal for South Arabia - Westmoreland - RAF

Nice full size medal and comes with ribbon.
Correct bar for South Arabia.
Medal correctly named to Y4282122 LAC. M. T. WESTMORELAND. RAF

Code: 50530

69.99 GBP

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Queens South Africa Medal - McPherson

Lovely toned medal with the correct bar for Transvaal.
Medal correctly named to 5054 PTE. J. McPHERSON SCOTTISH RIFLES.
Ghost dates to the rear as shown in photos

Code: 50529

109.99 GBP

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General Service Medal with bar for Canal Zone - Franks

No edge knocks General Service medal with the correct bar for Canal Zone.
Comes with original box.
Medal correctly named to 22671272 SPR. R B FRANKS. RE.

Code: 50528

159.99 GBP

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